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TAmiRNA – Triple A research and development of RNA diagnostics and therapeutics
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TAmiRNA – Introducing personalized medicine to Aging
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TAmiRNA – Harnessing the power of microRNAs for development of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic tools
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TAmiRNA – Helping to enhance your stability and quality of life with advanced age

challenging samples and exosomes – ensure microRNA success with a webinar on Nov, 17

we would like to draw your attention to a webinar provided by EXIQON A/S

within this webinar it is discussed how to achieve robust microRNA analysis from even the most challenging samples:

Matthias Hackl, CEO from TAmiRNA, will discuss the pre-analytical standards, quality checks and normalization required for robust microRNA analysis in serum.

He will show how TAmiRNA has used Exiqon's microRNA qPCR System to identify "osteomiRs" and develop a non-invasive serum microRNA test for osteoporosis.

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