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COPP award 2017 - Roland Kocijan in coop. with TAmiRNA

the German Association for Osteology (DGO) has awarded the scientific prize in the course of the congress on osteolog 2017 in Erlangen (GER)

Again, the "German Association for Osteology" awarded their scientific prize, called COPP-Preis, which is endowed with € 7,500. The ceremony and the endowment promote outstanding and groundbreaking work in the field of osteology. The award ceremony of the “COPP-Preis” took place in the course of the “Osteologie”-Congress 2017, from 23.-25. March in Erlangen, Germany. 

TAmiRNA want to congratulate the winner, Dr. Roland Kocijan, who received the award for his work „Circulating microRNA signatures in patients with idiopathic and postmenopausal osteoporosis and fragility fractures“. The aim of the study was to identify circulating miRNAs as novel discriminators between patients with idiopathic low-traumatic fractures and healthy subjects without fractures. Together with TAmiRNA GmbH, Dr. Roland Kocijan and his team showed that a set of 19 circulating microRNAs was consistently regulated in patients with low-traumatic fractures. Therefore, miRNAs could serve as novel markers of bone turnover in osteoporotic patients.

Link to the original paper on PubMed




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