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biomarkers of bone quality


osteomiRs are circulating microRNAs that serve as novel biomarkers for bone quality and musculoskeletal diseases.

The osteomiRTM kit is

  • a novel fracture-risk assessment tool
  • minimally invasive (200 µL serum required)
  • fast and simple workflow 
  • software facilitating data analysis is included

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All osteomiRs have been carefully selected for this test kit based on a series of studies conducted in human patients with 

  • postmenopausal (primary) osteoporosis
  • idiopathic male and female osteoporosis
  • type-2 diabetic osteopathy

Bone densitometry (DEXA) provides the criterion for diagnosis of osteoporosis, but is not sufficiently sensitive to identify patients at immediate fracture risk. In addition, patients of type-2 diabetic osteopathy exhibit elevated fracture risk in spite of elevated bone marrow density.

The osteomiR microRNA signature is intended to assess the risk of a first fracture in female patients of postmenopausal osteoporosis and type-2 diabetes. This information enables timely interventions and can help to avoid fractures.

Studies identified a consistent regulation of osteomiRs due to osteoporosis.
Correct classification rates of > 90 % have been repeatedly observed (see data and publications).

Our new study presents the first comprehensive attempt to model the cost-effectiveness of circulating microRNAs for bone fracture risk assessment in a central European female post-menopausal population in comparison to DXA and FRAX®. The results demonstrate that the osteomiR™ kit can be a cost-effective alternative to established risk assessment strategies.

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product name required components description price information
osteomiRTM kit
miRCURYTM RNA Isolation Kit
ExiLENT SYBR® Green Master Mix
osteomiRTM kit
analysis of 16 microRNAs
48 serum samples
EURO 4989.- product sheet
custom kit
miRCURYTM RNA Isolation Kit
ExiLENT SYBR® Green Master Mix
osteomiRTM custom kit
custom plate design inquire product sheet


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