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biomarkers of platelet function


Platelet microRNAs (thrombomiRs) are novel biomarkers for intrinsic and on-treatment platelet reactivity. thrombomiRs are secreted from platelets during their activation and can be detected in plasma and serum. This review, published by our scientific partners, gives detailed insight into the clinical utility of platelet microRNAs as in vivo biomarkers of platelet function.

The thrombomiRTM kit is the only standardized qPCR kit that enables its users to:

  • quantify 10 platelet microRNAs in <200 µL plasma or serum (human, mouse and rat) 
  • work with frozen sample material after several years of storage
  • take advantage of an optimized quality control design and tailor-made software
  • have a simple one-stop solution for in-house platelet microRNA analysis





Technical Notes

Technical notes provide our users with additional information about usage, handling and technical performance of our kits. This list of technical notes will be expanded in regular intervals.

TN03 - Circulating platelet-derived microRNAs (thrombomiRs) are non-invasive biomarkers for measuring the effects of P2Y12 anti-platelet therapy - download tech note (May 2018)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. How many samples can we measure with one thrombomiR™ kit?

One kit provides sufficient reagents for the analysis of 48 serum or plasma samples. Upon request, we can provide smaller kits for proof-of-concept studies involving 10 samples or less.


2. Can we use rodent or other non-human samples for the kits?

The thrombomiR™ kit is intended to be used with human samples. However, orthologs for thrombomiRs do exist in other species, allowing the use of adapted version of the tests in non-mammalian species. To assess the feasibility of such projects, please contact us before using the assay in non-human species.


3. Does the thrombomiR™ kit require a specific instrument or can it be run with any qPCR instrument?

We recommend using the Roche LightCycler® 480. Other qPCR instruments can be used with the kit, but the software currently supports only data generated with Roche instruments. Data generated with ABI or other platforms can be analyzed manually. We will provide support in such instances.


4. Which quality controls are included in the assay? Should I include additional controls?

5 control primers to monitor assay and sample quality are included in the kit, no further controls are necessary.


 5. I want to analyze a sample type that is not listed as tested yet, can I do that?

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


6. What is the recommended RNA extraction method?

All our kits include a protocol and reagents for RNA extraction. TAmiRNA´s thrombomiR™ kit has been standardized to a volume of 200 µL plasma as starting material to ensure high RNA yield and prevent inhibition of downstream PCR amplification using the miRCURY™ RNA isolation kit, which is included in the thrombomiR™ kit. For further information read our guidelines detailing RNA purification and sample preparation for your thrombomiR™ kit​.


7 What is the sensitivity of the Assay?

LOD: 10 copies/µl (6 replicates, 95% positive detection); LLOQ: 35 copies/µl


8. What is the reproducibility of the assay?

Intra-assay (n=6) ≤ 20%, Inter-assay (n=3) ≤ 20%


9. What data analysis tools do you recommend?

We recommend using the software included in the kit for normalization and quality control.

product information

product name required components description price information
thrombomiRTM kit
RNA extraction Kit
cDNA Synthesis and qPCR reagents
primer-coated qPCR plates
analysis of 16 microRNAs
48 plasma samples
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custom kit
RNA extraction Kit
cDNA Synthesis and qPCR reagents
primer-coated qPCR plates
custom plate design inquire inquire


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