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TAmiRNA – Triple A research and development of RNA diagnostics and therapeutics
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TAmiRNA – Introducing personalized medicine to Aging
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TAmiRNA – Harnessing the power of microRNAs for development of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic tools
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TAmiRNA – Helping to enhance your stability and quality of life with advanced age

biomarker development services

tailored diagnostic solutions

We provide tailored solutions to pharmaceutical and medtech companies in need of (companion) diagnostic solutions. Using our microRNA platform we support activities for biomarker discovery, validation and industrialization. 

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one-stop-shop solutions

fast timelines

Biomarker development at TAmiRNA relies on the same qPCR platform throughout the entire development life-cycle. There is no need to perform technology bridging studies after discovery or validation in order to achieve industrialization.

solution provider

We collaborate with the best companies to develop diagnostic, prognostic or predictive algorithms for our biomarker panels.

software integration

We have developed a software solution that integrates the diagnostic algorithms seamless with the analytical workflow. It has been developed to provide a customized data output in a highly standardized manner. 

quality is key

We have implemented a quality management system according to ISO standards, which ensures the highest quality standard for our activities.

custom microRNA biomarker solutions for any type of tissue, cell, or biofluid
Figure 1: We provide custom
microRNA biomarker solutions
for any type of tissue, cell, or biofluid.


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