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TAmiRNA – Triple A research and development of RNA diagnostics and therapeutics
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TAmiRNA – Introducing personalized medicine to Aging
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TAmiRNA – Harnessing the power of microRNAs for development of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic tools
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TAmiRNA – Helping to enhance your stability and quality of life with advanced age

microRNA services

competence in microRNAs

We provide a range of analytical services for studying the expression of microRNAs in cells, tissues, and biofluids.

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just the best technologies and services

We are platform-agnostic, which allows us to choose from the best technology for a specific task.

Based on our QM system we have developed standardized analytical procedures for the following tasks and biological specimens:  


serum / plasma
required yield
10^3 cells
35 mg
50 – 200 µL
200 – 1000 µL
RNA extraction
quantitative PCR
next-generation sequencing


additional options

  • Purification of extracellular vesicles (EVs) according to official recommendations by the International Society for Extracellular Vesicles (ISEV)
  • Customized protocols for a variety of biofluids such as cerebral spine fluid (CSF), saliva and tears
  • Data Analysis support using our proprietary normalization strategies and machine learning to discover and validate multivariant biomarker signatures with robust diagnostic performance 


quality is key

We can offer various levels of data analysis with our analytical services.

We have implemented a quality management systems according to ISO standards, which ensures the highest quality standard for our analytical services.


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