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Technical notes provide our users with additional information about usage, handling and technical performance of our osteomiR™ kit and thrombomiR® kit  and useful information about microRNA in general.


Tech note 06

Circulating microRNAs as biomarkers of toxicity
April 2020

Tech note 05

Quality controls and best practices for analyzing microRNAs in cell-free biofluids by RT-qPCR.
April 2019

Tech note 04

Web-based tools collection for microRNA Analysis.
July 2018

Tech note 03

Circulating platelet-derived microRNAs (thrombomiRs) are noninvasive biomarkers for measuring the effects of P2Y12 anti-platelet therapy.
May 2018

Tech note 02

Analysis of data generated using the osteomiR™ workflow.
December 2016

Tech note 01

The impact of sample type (serum and EDTA-plasma) and platelet contamination on osteomiR detection.
September 2016