microRNA biomarkers of platelet function

Circulating platelet microRNAs (thrombomiRs®) are novel biomarkers for intrinsic and on-treatment platelet reactivity. thrombomiRs® are secreted from platelets during their activation and can be detected in plasma and serum. Commonly used platelet function tests e.g. LTA, VerifyNow® or PFA-100®, require fresh blood and agonists. Therefore, they clearly lack standardization and their analytical variability may induce misinterpretations. The thrombomiR® kit enables an in vivo measure of platelet function, independently of the activation pathway.


thrombomiR® kit
€ 5,390.–
€ 6,790.–

temporary -20% product launch discount


thrombomiR kit
€ 5,390.–
€ 6,790.–

temporary -20% product launch discount



One-stop-shop solution to start microRNA platelet function research

Contains all quality controls required to perform high quality microRNA biomarker research and publication.

1 kit allows to 10 platelet microRNAs in up to 48 samples

Cross-species application is possible due the high sequence conservation.

Fast and simple data analysis using the thrombomiR analysis toolkit

assay requirements

Frozen platelet poor plasma (PPP) aliquots of at least 200 µl.

qPCR instrument (read the manual to find out which instruments are supported).

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product description

  • High throughput: One kit is sufficient for the analysis of 48 platelet poor plasma (PPP) samples
  • Low sample volume: 200 µL PPP are recommended (lower volumes can be used but require pre-testing), (-70°C or lower) PPP samples can be used (stability for several years has been demonstrated)
  • Reduced hands-on time: primer coated 96 or 384 well plates
  • 10 thrombomiR®s and 6 controls/sample are measured per sample.
  • Fast and simple data analysis: the web-based thrombomiR® software application enables easy data normalization and quality control.

For further information about the components included can be found here .

Software application

The thrombomiR® analysis toolkit enables

  • standardized analysis of qPCR data
  • import: upload of raw data files from qPCR instrument and automatic Cq-value calling
  • quality control: inspect amplification curves, melting temperature, spike-in and hemolysis controls
  • normalization: correction of technical variance and optional imputation of missing values
  • export: export normalized Cq-values of all samples and combine automatically with clinical parameters (i.e. age, gender, etc.)

The thrombomiR® analysis toolkit and further information will be made available to all registered customers of the thrombomiR® kit

intended use

monitor the drug effects on platelet function, reactivity and hemostasis

diagnosis of platelet-related disorders

gain insights into the molecular function of platelets in vivo

determine the effect of a treatment on platelet reactivity in vivo

study the utility of platelet microRNAs as risk factors for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases

Key Publications

The key publications leading to the identification of these novel biomarker candidates can be found here

Key Publications


thrombomiR folder
thrombomiR manual
key publications
qPCR cycler compatibility
tech note 3 / thrombomiR

price list

product number product size PCR Cycler compatibility* price** product Information
KT-021-TR 96A thrombomiR®
48 samples
16 miRs/sample
ABI, Bio-Rad, Eppendorf, Stratagene, Takara € 5,390.– product sheet / manual
KT-021-TR 96C thrombomiR®
48 samples
16 miRs/sample
ABI (fast block) € 5,390.– product sheet / manual
KT-021-TR 96D thrombomiR®
48 samples
16 miRs/sample
Bio-Rad, Stratagene, DNA Engine € 5,390.– product sheet / manual
KT-21-TR 96F thrombomiR®
48 samples
16 miRs/sample
Roche LC480 I and II € 5,390.– product sheet / manual
KT-021-TR 384E thrombomiR®
48 samples
16 miRs/sample
ABI, Bio-Rad CFX 384™ € 5,190.– product sheet / manual
KT-021-TR 384G thrombomiR®
48 samples
16 miRs/sample
Roche LC480 I and II € 5,190.– product sheet / manual

* for detailled information on supported cyclers please click here
** temporary -20% product launch discount

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

One kit provides sufficient reagents for the analysis of 48 serum or plasma samples. Upon request, we can provide smaller kits for proof-of-concept studies involving 10 samples or less.

The thrombomiR® kit is intended to be used with human samples. However, orthologs for thrombomiR®do exist in other species, allowing the use of adapted version of the tests in non-mammalian species. To assess the feasibility of such projects, please contact us before using the assay in non-human species.

A wide range of qPCR cyclers equipped with 96well/384well-blocks are compatible with thrombomiR® plates. For detailled information on supported cyclers please click here.

5 control primers to monitor assay and sample quality are included in the kit, no further controls are necessary.

All our kits include a protocol and reagents for RNA extraction. TAmiRNA´s thrombomiR™ kit has been standardized to a volume of 200 µL plasma as starting material to ensure high RNA yield and prevent inhibition of downstream PCR amplification using the Serum/Plasma RNA extraction kit, which is included in the thrombomiR™ kit. For further information read our guidelines detailing RNA purification and sample preparation for your thrombomiR™ kit​.

LOD: 10 copies/µl (6 replicates, 95% positive detection); LLOQ: 35 copies/µl

Intra-assay (n=6) ≤ 20%, Inter-assay (n=3) ≤ 20%

We recommend using the software included in the kit for normalization and quality control.

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