We want to draw your attention to the latest publication with our partner Vivomicx. Together we have developed a combination of laser microdissection (LMD) and high quality qPCR, which enables the quantitative analysis of cell-type specific RNA expression in complex tissues.

Using this protocol TAmiRNA & Vivomicx have been able to demonstrate:

  1. the profound difference of RNA expression between whole tumor and subsets of cells within the tumor and
  2. the large heterogeneity in RNA expression between colorectal* tumor compartments such as tumor, stroma and tumor endothelial cells.

* Note: the technology can be utilized for almost any tissue sample.

Our new approch allows to:

  • Discover differential expression patterns between “healthy” and “diseased” tissues on the cellular level;
  • Characterize localization of lead drug candidates on the single cell level;
  • Determine treatment effects on complex tissues at high resolution;
  • Gain a better understanding of a drug’s mode of action and of possible undesired side effects;
  • In the case of nucleic acid therapeutics: monitor localization of the therapeutic at high resolution.

Besides studying mRNA expression, we are particularly skilled in expression analysis of non-coding RNAs (microRNA and other ncRNAs). Vivomicx have massive experience with kidney tissue.

Are you interested – get in touch with Matthias Hackl (CEO TAmiRNA) or Jan Zuidema (CBO & Co-founder Vivomicx)