RNA sequencing services

RNA sequencing services

TAmiRNA offers a fast, one-stop RNA sequencing solution – from your sample through data analysis. RNA sequencing technology provides biological insight into the transcriptome. It can be used to determine the structure of genes, their splicing patterns and other post transcriptional modifications, to detect rare and novel transcripts, and to quantify the changing expression levels of each transcript.

RNA sequencing is the preferred method for a number of applications, including:

  • Gene signature discovery
  • Molecular characterization of tumors
  • Elucidation of disease mechanisms or discern patient subgroups
  • Study of drug mode of action
RNA sequencing services
RNA sequencing services


Our service includes total RNA extraction, RNA quality control, NGS library preparation, sequencing, data analysis, and reporting.

The tasks that are taken over by TAmiRNA can be adjusted to customer-specific requirements. We can conduct the entire RNASeq analysis or support customers with individual tasks such as library prep, sequencing, or data analysis.

We provide interactive data reports that are ready-to-use for internal documentations, publications, and presentations.

We have experience in analyzing RNASeq data from various species including humans, mice, rats, horses, cows, pigs, and many others.

service requirements

Using our optimized protocols we can deal with very low RNA inputs (<500 pg) obtained from cells, tissues, or tissue compartments.

We like to be challenged. In order to inquire about the possibility of analyzing biofluids, extracellular vesicles, or other challenging samples please get in touch with us.

RNA sequencing services

service description

RNA sequencing includes several steps, which can all be performed at TAmiRNA:

  • Total RNA extraction: we have protocols for cells, tissues, biofluids, and EVs. Leftover total RNA can be returned to customers for follow-up experiments.
  • Total RNA quality control: concentration and integrity using highly sensitive and specific fluorescence-based methods
  • RNA sequencing library preparation: we prepare high-quality 3′ mRNA-Seq libraries, which are ideal for gene expression analysis. Just one fragment per transcript is produced, which means that no length normalization is required. This allows more accurate determination of gene expression values and renders QuantSeq the best and most cost-effective alternative to microarrays and conventional RNA-Seq in gene expression studies.
  • NGS analysis: we can access a wide-range of Illumina instruments (HiSeq, NextSeq, NovaSeq), which allows us to pick the most efficient solution for each project.
  • Data analysis: we provide everything from raw data to fully analyzed data reports depending on customer needs.

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RNA sequencing services
RNA sequencing services