thrombomiR® services

thrombomiR analytical services

we analyse your samples with our kits

We can offer various levels of data analysis with our analytical services. We have implemented high quality management systems according to ISO standards, which ensures the highest quality standard for our analytical services.

our service includes

  • RNA isolation of biofluids (serum/plasma)
  • Quality control of total RNA
  • cDNA Synthesis
  • qPCR using the thrombomiR® panel
  • Data analysis

our advantages

  • flexible number of samples (serum/plasma)
  • rapid turnaround times
  • high quality data
thrombomiR analytical services
sample number thrombomiR® 16-plex, price/sample
≤ 24 samples € 340.-
25-48 samples € 270.-
49-96 samples € 220.-
97-192 samples € 200.-
> 192 samples € 190.-
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