thrombomiR® services

thrombomiR analytical services

we analyse your samples with our kits

We can offer various levels of data analysis with our analytical services. We have implemented a quality management systems according to ISO standards, which ensures the highest quality standard for our analytical services.

our service includes

  • RNA isolation of biofluids (serum/plasma)
  • Quality control of total RNA
  • cDNA Synthesis
  • qPCR using the thrombomiR® panel
  • Data analysis

our advantages

  • flexible number of samples (serum/plasma)
  • rapid turnaround times
  • high quality data
thrombomiR analytical services
sample number thrombomiR® 16-plex, price/sample
≤ 24 samples € 340.-
25-48 samples € 270.-
49-96 samples € 220.-
97-192 samples € 200.-
> 192 samples € 190.-
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