RT-qPCR services

RT-qPCR services

Reverse-transcription quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) is ideal for a sensitive and specific gene expression analysis including microRNAs, other small and large non-coding RNAs, as well as messenger RNA.

TAmiRNA is an expert in developing and applying RT-qPCR assays for various RNA types. Our microRNA platform takes advantage of target-specific LNA-enhanced (locked nucleic acid) forward and reverse primers with unmet specificity and sensitivity. We use this assay for parallel quantification of 1 up to 768 microRNAs per cDNA sample. The high sensitivity allows us to analyze low RNA input samples such as biofluids, cell culture supernatants, extracellular vesicles (EVs), and microdissected tissues without pre-amplification.

RT-qPCR services
RT-qPCR services


What we offer: our one-stop-shop service for microRNA, other non-coding RNA, and mRNA analysis includes RNA extraction, RT-qPCR, data analysis, and reporting of ready-to-publish results. We perform analytical assay validations according to regulatory recommendations.

Target flexibility: Our RT-qPCR services are available for microRNAs, other small and large non-coding RNAs as well as messenger RNAs.

Our promise: RT-qPCR services by TAmiRNA can be included in basic, translational, and pre-clinical research studies as well as clinical trials.

Our experience: RT-qPCR analysis can be performed on cells, tissues, tissue compartments, extracellular vesicles (EVs) and exosomes, and biofluids from a long list of organisms, including human, non-human primates, mice, rats, pigs, cows, horses, dogs, Chinese hamster (CHO), as well as C. elegans and drosophila.

Your flexibility: we develop customer-tailored assays, perform analytical validation, and transfer validated assays to our customers.

sample requirements

  • Biofluids: serum, plasma, urine, CSF, synovial fluid, milk, or cell culture supernatant.
  • Extracellular vesicles (EVs): we can isolate EVs in-house or work with material provided by our customers.
  • Cells and tissues: how low can we go? very low – 10,000 µm2 dissected tissue area or ~ 100 cells
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service description

  • Total RNA extraction from various biological matrices.
  • RT-qPCR analysis of microRNAs, small and large non-coding RNAs, and messenger RNAs.
  • Data analysis, reporting, and interpretation support.
  • Customer-tailored assay development.
  • Analytical validation.
  • Assay Transfer.

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RT-qPCR services
RT-qPCR services