microRNA biomarker of toxicity
microRNA biomarker of toxicity


microRNA biomarkers of toxicity

As toxicity poses substantial risks across pharmaceuticals and environmental exposures, searching for novel biomarkers is paramount for enhancing safety evaluations, drug development, and environmental monitoring. toxomiR® refers to a subset of tissue- and cell-type specific microRNAs in the liver, kidney, central nervous system, heart, muscle, lung, pancreas, and vasculature. toxomiRs® can be measured in liquid biopsies such as serum, plasma, and urine obtained from clinical and non-clinical studies and inform about organ injury. The magnitude of change in toxomiR levels was shown to be associated with the extent of histopathological tissue damage.

This recently published review gives detailed insight into the clinical utility of circulating microRNAs as toxicity biomarkers.

starting at € 99 per sample as one-stop-shop service

microRNA biomarker of toxicity

starting at € 99 per sample as one-stop-shop service

microRNA biomarker of toxicity


The toxomiR® panel is available as an in-house service from TAmiRNA. Customers can select between the full toxomiR® panel covering 8 organ systems or customized panels for selected organs.

Non-invasive screening of toxic effects using serum, plasma, or urine.

High sequence conservation of microRNA biomarkers enables rapid cross-species translation from pre-clinical to clinical studies.

toxomiRs are sensitive and specific biomarkers suitable for diagnosing tissue damage in the liver, pancreas, heart, skeletal muscle, vasculature, kidney, lung, and brain.

Rapid and robust solution for quantifying toxic effects in human plasma samples

Customized service available with analysis targeted on specific set of microRNAs or tissue types

service requirements

  • Frozen serum, plasma, or urine samples.
  • 25 – 200 µl input volume required.
  • the toxomiR biomarker panel is highly conserved, supporting the analysis of human, mouse, rat, dog, pig, and NHP samples.

price list

sample number price/sample
n<=48 € 275.–
n<=96 € 194.–
n<=154 € 175.–
n<=192 € 156.–
n>192 € 147.–

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Upon request the analysis can be targeted to a specific set of microRNAs/tissue.

The toxomiR® panel is intended to be used with human samples. However, orthologs for toxomiR® do exist in other species, allowing the use of adapted version of the Panel in non-mammalian species. To assess the feasibility of such projects, please contact us.

5 control primers to monitor assay and sample quality are included in the panel.

TAmiRNA´s toxomiR® panel has been standardized to a volume of 200 µL plasma as starting material to ensure high RNA yield and prevent inhibition of downstream PCR amplification using the Serum/Plasma RNA extraction kit. For further information read our guidelines detailing RNA purification and sample preparation for the toxomiR® kit​.

LOD: 10 copies/µl (6 replicates, 95% positive detection); LLOQ: 35 copies/µl

Intra-assay (n=6) ≤ 20%, Inter-assay (n=3) ≤ 2

microRNA biomarker of toxicity
microRNA biomarker of toxicity
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