TAmiRNA and advanceCOR, a drug developing biotechnology company which focuses on personalized medicine in cardiovascular diseases, receive Eurostars project entitled: ”A novel microRNA-based platelet function biomarker for personalized anti-thrombotic treatment”.  The aim of the Eurostars project is to validate the use of the thrombomiR™ kit for management of anti-thrombotic therapies.

The thrombomiR™ kit is a minimally invasive blood test that can determine changes in platelets reactivity (for example due to a therapy), based on the quantitative analysis of microRNAs, Specifically, the thrombomiR™ kit allows the targeted detection and quantitation of platelet-specific microRNAs in blood plasma. The concentration of these microRNAs increases in the course of activation of platelets and decreases as a result of therapeutic inactivation. Thus, these biomarkers allow very accurate statements about the efficacy of anti-aggregation therapy, the risk of bleeding or thrombosis. The thrombomiR™ kit includes all the reagents needed to isolate RNA from plasma samples and to quantify 10 platelet biomarkers and 6 controls, as well as a software app that allows the data to be evaluated. The thrombomiR™ kit is the first platelet function test that can be performed on both fresh and frozen (up to 10 years) plasma samples. An additional benefit of the assay is its broader informative value, because platelet activation can be measured independently of the activation signal, and the fact that the measured signals (the microRNAs) are generated in vivo, while all conventional tests detect ex vivo signals.

TAmiRNA specializes in technologies for profiling levels of blood-circulating microRNAs and developing multi-parametric classification algorithms (“signatures”). TAmiRNA uses these technologies to develop minimal-invasive diagnostic tests for drug development, early diagnosis and prognosis of disease, and as companion diagnostic tests to support treatment decisions.

advanceCOR is a drug developing biotechnology company which focuses on personalized medicine in cardiovascular diseases located in Martinsried near Munich, Germany. advanceCOR owns several clinical and preclinical generated from its own scientific program or from the outstanding university groups of the company´s founders.

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