21 03, 2018

Serum levels of bone-related microRNAs and their association to bone microstructure and histomorphometry

2019-10-16T09:22:50+02:00March 21st, 2018|biomarker, bone diseases, microRNAs, microstructure, standard tools|0 Comments

We want to draw your attention to the latest publication of the VINFORCE research Group in cooperation with TAmiRNA GmbH, in Scientific Reports from Nature. “Bone-related circulating microRNAs miR-29b-3p, miR-550a-3p, and miR-324-3p and their association to bone microstructure and histomorphometry.” Scientific Reports, Volume 8,4867 (2018) MicroRNAs are promising new biomarkers for bone diseases. The findings enhance the potential value of circulating miRNAs as bone biomarkers and the clinical utility of miRNAs to reflect dynamic changes in bone formation and microstructure. Click here to read the study

10 01, 2018

New evidence that microRNA bone biomarkers can improve early diagnosis of osteoporosis

2019-10-16T09:23:20+02:00January 10th, 2018|bone fracture risk assessment, female, microRNA, microRNAs, standard tools|0 Comments

We would like to draw your attention to our lastest publication: “Cost-utility analysis of fracture risk assessment using microRNA compared with Standard Tools and no Monitoring in the Austrian female Population.” Bone. Volume 108, 2018; Pages 44-54. This study presents the first comprehensive attempt to model the cost-effectiveness of circulating microRNAs for bone fracture risk assessment in a central European female post-menopausal population in comparison to DXA and FRAX®. The results demonstrate that the osteomiR™ test can be a cost-effective alternative to established risk assessment strategies. Click here to read the study