TAmiRNA will be a significant contributor to the inaugural joint European meeting of the ISSX and DMDG respectively focused on xenobiotics and drug metabolics. Dr. Matthias Hackl, CEO and co-founder, will take part in the discussions of Symposium 4: ‘MicroRNAs as Biomarkers of Clinical Drug-induced Organ Injury’ (Tuesday, June 13, 1000-1200 hrs). Dr. Hackl’s presentation ‘miRNA Biomarker Development: Pitfalls and Best Practices for Discovery and Validation’ will highlight the increasing scope to apply TAmiRNA’s recently developed MicroRNA Next-Generation Sequencing Discovery (miND®) technology and associated miND® spike-ins to identify novel circulating microRNA biomarkers of CNS and other organ damage, as well as comparative characterization and absolute quantitation of small RNAs associated with RNA-induced silencing complexes (RISCs).

Take advantage, meet Matthias and discuss our latest developments and how TAmiRNA’s miND spike ins and services can assist your business!

Dr. Kseniya Khamina