miND® Spike-Ins
miND® Spike-Ins

miND® Spike-In fulfills two primary purposes:

1. Quality control: confirm the dynamic range and quantitativeness of your small RNA sequencing experiments.

2. Absolute normalization: convert read counts to copies/µl total RNA and reduce bias originating from variation in RNA composition between samples.

miND® Spike-In design and usability:

miND® Spike-Ins are a proprietary oligonucleotide mix with unique design features (Lutzmayer et al.). They are added to your total RNA samples prior to microRNA or small RNA sequencing analysis. The spike-in sequence composition and concentration range have been optimized to be compatible with almost any species as well as a broad range of sample types including biofluids (serum, plasma, urine, CSF, synovial fluid), cells, tissues, extracellular vesicles, and non-vesicular fractions (Khamina et al.).

miND® Spike-In
(250 Rxns)

€750/kit (€3/sample)

miND spike in

miND® Spike-In

€750/kit (€3/sample)

miND spike in


The challenge: small RNA-sequencing, especially for challenging input samples such as biofluids, exosomes, or low cell numbers, is prone to sequencing bias. In addition, the comparison of microRNAs and other small RNAs between sample types with differing RNA compositions is skewed based on the assumption of a constant amount of small RNAs per sample (the underlying hypothesis for reads per million (RPM) normalization).

Our solution: miND® Spike-Ins are a novel quality control parameter and normalizer that consists of seven oligonucleotides, each characterized by a unique core sequence flanked by 4 randomized nucleotides. miND® Spike-Ins are provided in a specific ratio to cover the broad concentration range of endogenous small RNAs.

Simplicity: miND® Spike-Ins come as ready-to-use reagents. No dilution, mixing, or change in your workflow is required – miND® spike-ins are directly added to your RNA sample and used for NGS library preparation.

Sample-to-insight: our public data analysis pipeline was specifically developed to convert small RNA-sequencing raw data into a simple but comprehensive report providing full access to your data in the conventional way (RPM, read count) as well as in absolute concentrations. On top of that, we have added several unsupervised and supervised analyses and QC parameters to the report.

Not familiar with small RNA-sequencing?
No problem – the entire miND small RNA-seq workflow is provided as a service by TAmiRNA – request a quotation.

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price list

product number product size/formulation shipment conditions price * product information order
KT-041-MIND-250 miND spike in 250 reactions – lyophilized room temperature € 750 product sheet / manual request quote
KT-041-MIND-48 miND spike in 48 reactions – resuspended dry ice € 250 product sheet / manual request quote

* excluding shipment

miND spike in
small RNA sequencing service
miND spike in