We are pleased to share our latest publication, a collaborative effort with TAmiRNA, titled ‘Sepsis-Induced Heterogeneous Transcription of Coagulation- and Inflammation-Associated Genes in Renal Microvasculature,’ which has been published in Thrombosis Research. Through the integration of TAmiRNA’s high-sensitivity gene expression profiling techniques (RT-qPCR and smallRNAseq/RNAseq) and the advanced laser microdissection technology from Dutch company Vivomicx, our study unveils the diverse transcriptional responses of microvascular compartments to sepsis-associated acute kidney injury (SA-AKI).

Our findings demonstrate that distinct changes occur in the expression of coagulation- and inflammation-related genes across microvascular compartments in response to SA-AKI. This heterogeneity underscores the complexity of the microvascular response to sepsis and highlights potential avenues for targeted therapeutic intervention. Moving forward, our research will delve deeper into understanding the functional implications of these heterogeneous responses, with the ultimate goal of identifying promising therapeutic targets for SA-AKI.