The EVscale™ platform, developed by Evercyte, Phoenestra, and TAmiRNA, offers a comprehensive solution for pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers requiring exosomes and EVs at commercial scale. Drawing on the combined expertise of the three partners, EVscale™ provides customizable projects, including specific cell sourcing, EV characterization, scalable manufacturing, and linking EV biological functions to RNA and protein EV components.

EVscale™ advantages:

  • Offers a fundamental advantage over conventional sourcing of therapeutic exosomes from primary cells, eliminating donor-to-donor variability and other issues like scaling difficulties, variable process performance, inconsistent batch quality, and under-developed downstream processing technologies.
  • Provides a unique one-stop-shop offer, allowing customers to tailor end-product parameters based on their project’s specific needs.

By combining miRNomics with transcriptomic and proteomic analyses, TAmiRNA supports EVscale™ by decoding the molecular signature of EVs and identifying key cargo that can be utilized for the quality control as well as for further engineering of EV potency.

EVscale™ platform