24 04, 2024

EVscale™ platform

2024-04-25T10:09:30+02:00April 24th, 2024|biomarker, Evercyte, exosomes, extracellular vesicle, microRNA services, microRNAs, miND spike ins, NGS, Phoenestra, sequencing, smallRNA|Comments Off on EVscale™ platform

The EVscale™ platform, developed by Evercyte, Phoenestra, and TAmiRNA, offers a comprehensive solution for pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers requiring exosomes and EVs at commercial scale. Drawing on the combined expertise of the three partners, EVscale™ provides customizable projects, including specific cell sourcing, EV characterization, scalable manufacturing, and linking EV biological functions to RNA and protein EV components. EVscale™ advantages: Offers a fundamental advantage over conventional sourcing of therapeutic exosomes from primary cells, eliminating donor-to-donor variability and other issues like scaling difficulties, variable process performance, inconsistent batch quality, and under-developed downstream processing technologies. Provides a unique one-stop-shop offer, allowing customers to tailor end-product parameters based on their project’s specific needs. By combining miRNomics with transcriptomic and proteomic analyses, [...]

9 10, 2023

TAmiRNA at Extracellular Vesicles Forum

2023-10-09T11:28:13+02:00October 9th, 2023|biomarker, biomarkers, extracellular vesicle, microRNAs, NGS, smallRNA|Comments Off on TAmiRNA at Extracellular Vesicles Forum

TAmiRNA Scientific Consultant Magdalena Mecking is attending the Extracellular Vesicles Forum on Oct 10th – 11th in Cambridge. Stop by one of her posters and learn more about how TAmiRNA’s service may benefit your EV project! Reach out to Magdalena directly and discuss our latest developments and how TAmiRNA's  services can assist your business!

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